Los Angeles Bike Tours

The Watts Tour

The area known as Watts is located on the South East Side of the city of Los Angeles.

The Watts community is known for it's famous sculptural structure, The Watts Towers.  Designed and built by Simon Rodia between the years of 1921 and 1954. At some point during this tour, we will visit the world famous Watts Towers.

Watts has a lot more to offer than just the Towers. Come learn about the history of Watts, from it's early days as Rancho La Tajauta, to what is know known as Watts. We will not only talk about the areas long history and culture. We will also visit a few local places to sample some of the areas cuisine. Learn and taste Watts with us while riding bicycles. Things we will talk about during this Tour: Mexican Land Grants, the arrival of the Transcontinental Railway, sub divisions and suburbs, second great migration, Jazz corridor, impact of WW2, housing projects, Watts riots, Black Panther Party, Bloods & Crips, gang truce, LA Riots and much more.

This is a 9 mile long tour and can take 2 hours to complete.

Cost: 80.00 per guest

Price includes: Bicycle, helmet, water, Tour guide, and a chance to taste some very delicious food!