Los Angeles Bike Tours

The Burrito Tour

The Burrito Tour is a bicycle tour that takes you to some of LA's most exquisite and tastiest burrito spots. If you love Mexican food and are looking for a fun new way to experience Mexican cuisine, then this is the bike tour for you. This is an all you can eat food tour that will take you to different Mexican restaurants, lunch trucks and stands to taste and learn about the many different types of burritos, all while riding bikes! From dry burritos to wet burritos and everything in between, you're sure to enjoy every bite.

Yes, we know that burritos are delicious and most of the time burritos are huge. You might wonder or even ask yourself if you would be up for the challenge. We here at LA Cycle Tours, have put together a great route for you to balance out all of the burritos with a few miles of bike riding in between every stop. We will ride a few miles, then we will stop and taste burritos, then we will ride again and repeat the process a few times. With 4 different food stops along the route, by the time we get back to the start location, your belly and your heart will be  full of all the good stuff.Think you don't have it in you? The biking part of the tour is routed for riders of all skill levels. The eating portion of the tour might be the most difficult, since we will be tasting world class burritos and most of these are of a massive size. We recommend that you bring a sidekick for this tour. This is an experience you have to share with someone else. In reality, you don't want to do this tour solo, unless you really have to. We've discovered that having a sidekick helps keep you encouraged for the whole tour. Sorry, this tour is STRICTLY FOR MEAT LOVERS. Foods to be tasted include: chicken, steak, pork and shrimp burritos.