Los Angeles Bike Tours

Neighba’hood Art Tour


his one of a kind bicycle led tour takes you through Downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods like; Arts District, Skid Row, Fashion District, Historic core, South Park and everything around Downtown Los Angeles.

During this tour, we will be talking about the Los Angeles Art Scene, Street Art, Historic murals, Architecture and History. We will ride to hidden places off the regular path to check out some outstanding Art pieces. You will hear historic facts and tales of graffiti wars, or 'beef' between crews and artists. We will talk about the evolution of graffiti and also cover the different styles related to "Street Art". You can expect to ride through; graffiti dens, alleys, parking lots, side streets, construction zones, industrial areas and upscale South Park Neighborhoods. We will make a bunch of stops during this tour. Including stops to visit some local businesses, so you can get a feel of what these communities are like, and enjoy some of the city’s underground art scene along the way. With Art pieces and murals by known and unknown artists. We may also run into Artists that are currently working on mural projects or production companies filming in the graffiti filled streets. We will talk about the development of all the areas that we will ride through, and talk about our crane filled sky lines. You will also notice an interesting mix of architecture. A mix of old historic buildings and new modern style luxury apartment towers in areas that were vacant for years.


During the hot summer days, we usually run into many models posing in front of murals or luxury cars. Motorcycles, lowriders, hotrods, choppers, photographers, dancers, writers, actors, producers, hipsters, and many others all flock to these areas to "chill" (hang-out). We may also run into a few production companies filming during the week. They might be filming your favorite show. We usually stop and poke our noses to see what's going on and since we are on bikes, it really gives you an exclusive point of view.  Most of the production staff is normally nice and will give us information about the shoot. We have been lucky these last 3 1/2 years doing this Art tour on bikes. We have encountered some fun, unplanned out of this world things. From music videos, car explosions, car commercials and graffiti artist working on murals, there is always something to see.

This tour is between 2-1/2 to 3  hours long and is about 12 miles in distance. Expect lots of stops, bring a camera, you will see some awesome murals, structures and possibly some Art's related media or film crews. The route is easy and mostly flat; all skill levels and ages are welcomed.

Book the Art tour now and see the real side of Los Angeles. Price includes: bicycle, helmet, water bottle and lots of knowledge.

Cost: $65

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