Los Angeles Bike Tours

About Us

la-observatoryLA Cycle Tours was started with the idea of showing  people the real side of the city, all while riding bicycles on safe routes that we have created. Our mission is to get people on bicycles and give them the best experience in Los Angeles, on  bikes.  We are a mobile company that provides bike tours and group rides at affordable prices and in various locations of L.A. county.

We are avid L.A. bike riders who have several years experience leading rides.

We want to bring our experience and share  the fun, freedom  and love of bike riding in Los Angeles with everyone. We have tours designed for every type of riders, from the inexperienced, to the professional bike rider. When you book with LA Cycle Tours, everything is included. You get a bike fitted to your size for an optimal and comfortable riding experience as well as a helmet and water bottle. We use 24 speed Hybrid Bicycles. A hybrid bicycle is a cross between a mountain bicycle and a road bike.

We can provide specific bikes at the customers request for an additional fee.



When we started the company almost 4 years ago, we knew that we did not want to sell people the average Hollywood Bike Tour. We had a vision of bringing cyclist from all over the world together.  A vision to bring people on rides through the many little towns within the LA County area. Places like Downtown LA, Boyle Heights, North East LA,  Echo Park, Adams District, South Los Angeles, Korea Town, Compton, Watts, Highland Park, Pasadena, the Beach cities and many other small communities that get overlooked. As riders, we ride through many of these places all the time. Communities rich with history and culture. LA Cycle Tours was started with the intention to share this experience with everyone. We want people to experience the real side of the city. Not the manicured side that most tour companies try to sell you.

How could we get people to notice our tours we thought? How can we entice people to come try our one of a kind bike tours? After thinking about it for a few minutes, we decided to turn a ride that we would occasionally do with friends and family and  created, "The Taco Tour". The concept is easy, we ride our bikes and we eat tacos. We originally started this ride in Highland Park. At the time, Highland Park was littered with taco carts, Taco Trucks and taco stands. Wait, it still is. Many of those were illegal, but they were delicious.  We would meet at 8pm and ride in one big group and make several stops along the way.  The ride would be over by midnight and by then everyone was stuffed. When we started the Taco Tour with LA Cycle Tours, we started a new route and it took us about 5 months to research and scout the entire route.  We also decided to start the Taco Tour at an earlier time. The Taco Tour now starts at 11 am. We recently started doing an evening Taco Tour session that starts at 5 pm. The Taco Tour is currently one of our most popular tours. We have had customers return with their entire families for this tour.  The Taco Tour concept has also evolved into one of our Bike Party Rides. For normal tours, we have a cap on the number of attendees. For private groups we can do up to 35 riders. From kids Birthdays, Graduations, Divorce parties, Anniversaries to Bachelor parties, all on bikes. We create a safe environment for all of our guests. Kids of all ages, riders of all skill levels are welcomed. Our Tours include a Tour guide and an assistant as a "safety marshal", that stays behind the group to ensure that everyone stays together and safe.

Our second most popular tour is between the Neighborhood Art Tour and the DTLA Tour. Both tours are very informative and fun to do. Since we are on bicycles we get to visit lots of places that most tour buses can't access. We can handle large groups for these tours. During the spring season we take whole class rooms out on History tours of Los Angeles or Street Art Tours. We also do mixed tours that include Art and History in Los Angeles. Our Tour guide was raised in Los Angeles and is very knowledgeable about the areas history, Art, Architecture and everything in between.

We offer other tours and bike rides like The Pastry Tour, Neigba'hood Art Tour, Downtown Los Angeles Tour, "I climbed it" Tour, Ride to the Beach, Hollywood Brunch Tour, Night Rides and Group Rides. We can also customize any of our tours to fit your needs. We  have other tours that we are currently working on like LA Staircase Ride,  Brewery Bike Tour, The Watts Towers Bike tour and The Biking Dead, a haunted bike ride.  We should have some of the new Tours available for the public by mid 2016, or contact us and we can probably do one of these tours that we are currently working on.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time.

All of our Tours have been put together with two things in mind and that is to show our customers the real side of Los Angeles and to have fun doing it. The city has many interesting stories, beautiful architecture and lots of culture. We want you to learn something new about Los Angeles, we want you to experience the city, from a riders point of view.

If you have taken the time to read up on our small company we would love to invite you to book a tour with us. Enter promo code WPX3315 for 15% off any of our tours. We look forward to riding bikes with you.

Small Facts about our tours: 

Our oldest rider was 75 years old from New Jersey, and he loved the Taco Tour!

Our youngest rider was 6 years old from Canada, and he rode the whole route and ate a ton of tacos during the Taco Tour.

Our tallest customer was 7 foot 5 inches from Germany and he loved the Taco Tour!

A gentleman from Korea once ate 12 tacos at one of our stops during the Taco Tour.

We have done 3 divorce bike parties, 2 graduation parties, 2 Bachelor bike parties, 4 paint parties, Burrito bike party and a bunch of birthday bike parties. Apparently Bike Parties are a thing now!

We do private tours for schools and corporate events.

Our time fixing flat tires has improved, we have mastered those skills!

Our largest single group was 74 guests

Second largest group was 64 people for the Taco Tour. (we had to split the group in two and Adrian led one group and Art led the other group)

We've only had 2 people give up on the "I Climbed it Tour"

The ride to the Beach is one of Art's favorite tours, the Dtla tour is his favorite one.

We've had 3 people give up on the "Taco Tour", one of them gave up after our last Taco stop.

We have been on TV a few times