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Los Angeles Bike Tours


elcome to Los Angeles, land of movie stars, mansions, studios and exotic sports cars. However, don’t expect to see these during most of our tours. L.A. has more to offer than movie stars and mansions. We will take you on a tour of the side of Los Angeles that visitors rarely see. We will ride through alleys, backstreets, graffiti yards, swap meets, neighborhoods and local hot spots. Witness a day in the lives of Angelinos. Be a part of L.A.’s bike culture. We have different themed tours and group rides all over Los Angeles.

We are a mobile bike touring company that meets in various parts of L.A. county.

Our goal is to provide you with a fun and unforgettable experience of Los Angeles and to promote the use of bicycles for all ages, shapes and sizes. Our experienced tour guides are friendly, helpful and know these back streets like that back of their hands. We will not only ride and explore the city, our tour guides will talk about the history, architecture and culture of the places we ride bikes through. We will talk about what LA was in the past and what LA is now.  So go ahead and read through our list of tours and group rides. Make a selection, and we will see you on the road.

All of our bike tours are family friendly, for riders of any age and skill levels . We specialize in group party rides like Birthday Party Bike Rides or any occasion that our customers would like to celebrate on bikes.  Email us to plan your Birthday Party Bike Ride. We can explore any part of town. We want your party to be unique and unforgettable.


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Upcoming Special Tours :

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Ride to the Beach Tour

The Burrito Tour

Staircase Bike Tour 

The Couples Date Night on Bikes



Despierta America – Taco Tour Segment

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Our guides are friendly, helpful, and most of all know where they are going!

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Our bike tours are for all ages, shapes and sizes!

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